Back to the garden

Inspired by Joni Mitchell's classic song ‘Woodstock,’ which describes a spiritual journey to the 1969 music festival that would come to define the counterculture generation, we are taking Mitchell's simple advice, "We've got to get ourselves back to the garden."
To get back to the garden, both creatively and literally, we tapped women-owned art and design team Studio Tutto to create a large-scale visual statement to adorn our gallery's 125-foot north facing exterior wall. 

Studio Tutto is a Los Angeles-based art and design team led by Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel, who work collaboratively to create nature-inspired, site-specific artwork. "This project is about the beauty and wisdom of L.A. nature and the flames that threaten it.  
This mural for Blackman Cruz and the community at large seeks to capture Joni Mitchell's prophetic words. Mitchell's invitation to get back to the garden — to a universally nourishing and alive space — couldn't be more relevant to our moment," said Sofia Lacin. 

"As we witness catastrophic and unprecedented threats to the environment due to climate change, we need to continuously renew our commitment to both admire and protect the flora and fauna that makes California so special," said Adam Blackman of the new project.

"We want this mural to be a call-to-arms for the local community, reminding them of the beauty and marvel found in nature, which is now being threatened from all sides," said David Cruz.

We hope this mural will inspire action and we think you’ll agree when you see it upon your next visit.

See you soon.

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