Thierry Jeannot (b. 1963) is a French-born designer living in Mexico for the last 18 years. Working across product design, architecture and social design, his focus generates high added value to recycled materials through design. He is interested in traditional techniques and materials and has worked closely with crafts-people both in Paris (Thierry Mugler) and more recently in Mexico City. He follows a design philosophy where design and the production process are never separated.

In the 1980s he began working with a range of unconventional or ‘outlandish’ materials. And for the last five years he has been working exclusively with the PET bottle as his raw-material. He explores various techniques of using the bottle and to transform its materiality and status to favourable acclaim both in Mexico and The United States. He is also developing home based employment for disadvantaged communities in Mexico City such as women, unemployed, disabled, HIV sufferers.