Blackman Cruz is the iconic 9500 square foot gallery-atelier-emporium of Adam Blackman and David Cruz. Housed in a former nightclub, the showroom is home to their curated collection of furniture, lighting and art. Each piece in their showroom is either sourced from around the world or designed and produced in Los Angeles by the Blackman Cruz Workshop team. Additionally they have chosen a group of designers that work harmoniously with their aesthetic.

Described by Amanda Fortini for T Magazine as the Lennon and McCartney of the design world and long acknowledged as arbiters of taste by the Hollywood cognoscenti. Their distinct sensibilities do not so much meld but coexist with an alluring tension created by the apparent dichotomy of their styles.

Adam, a long time collector of the unusual and whimsical, is drawn to the unexpected with a strong affinity for pop culture references as well as pieces that possess a 'touch of the poet'. His interests are exemplified by the c1910 Louis Vuitton, smoking monkey automaton. As well as his now famous BC Workshop Skull Lamps.

David’s style is more classical. Long a proponent of Mexican modernism, he is fascinated by the shape, finish and craft of the pieces he collects. In his travels he seeks fine examples of European, colonial and modern Latin American style. His interest in architecture is exemplified by his BC Workshop Chaak Chest as well as the BC Workshop Bombe Chest which is his interpretation of the French classic.

Together they are Blackman Cruz.






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836 North Highland Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038
Tel 323 466 8600

M-F 10am-6pm
Sat 12pm-5pm
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